Thursday, July 19, 2012

Alternative Berlin: Abandoned Children's Hospital

Where: Mariendorfer Weg 28, 12051 Berlin, Niemcy
Are you thinking about perfect place for a date in Barlin?  Go to the abandoned hospital. This isn’t really a place for romance, but you might want to bring someone as back-up in case there are any unpleasant encounters or if you're sensitive to adrenaline burst.

The hospital was established in 1917 as a women's and children's hospital and shut down in 2005 when it and two other local hospitals were closed down. The clinic was the biggest of its type in Germany - there is at least 4 big buildings to see.

The hospital had been severely damaged in the second war. A new children’s hospital building was built in 1969 and another new building with surgery and facilities to care for newborns and premature babies was built in 1978. By this time 3,000 babies a year were seeing their first light of day here, making the Frauenklinik Neukölln the biggest such hospital in Germany for many years.

Surprisingly enough there are no bums living there, instead, you can come across some tourist and drinkers. The mess really makes creepy impression. Must see for all street art hunters.

Pros: The urine odor is not as ubiquitous as you could expected
Cons: No corpse 

How to get there?

Mariendorfer Weg 28 (older buildings) and Mariendorfer Weg 41, 48  , Hermannstraße‎ U+S-Bahnhof  station, on the U8.

Good photo opportunity, isn't it?


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